Why event sponsors love playbyplay chronicles

From the very first live-blog we ever ran for an event (some 20-something awesome events ago) we’ve continuously heard how happy and thankful their sponsors were about it.

Now in order to fully understand why they’re so happy, we have to look at their biggest problem with sponsoring events… and that is that:

events are rapidly expiring experiences

By their very nature, events only exist for a finite amount of time, giving sponsors a certain level of exposure to your attendees for that set duration.

But in a day and age where there are conferences every week, events every day, heaps of swag thrown around and millions of tweets sent every hour; sponsors’ exposure gets drowned out by the relentless ‘noise’ of your attendees increasingly busy and hyper-connected lives.

When you work with playbyplay, our team curates a live feed of your event, focussing on capturing the best moments and fusing them with long-lasting brand exposure for your sponsors.

This means that your generous sponsors don’t only get exposure at your event, and throughout the live-blog coverage; but they’re also a physical part of the event’s chronicle which is revisited again and again, long after the last banner/poster/roll-up/pitchdeck is taken down for the night.

Oh, and any new sponsors will love seeing that you put on a great show previously.

So give your generous sponsors even more exposure and book playbyplay.io to chronicle your event today.