WhatNext? 2017

Welcome to the playbyplay coverage of the 2017 WhatNext? Conference in Manchester

We return to cover the play by play action from the WhatNext? Conference this year, after covering the 2015 and 2016 inspiration-packed events.

Follow along as we capture and store moments from throughout the day.

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PlayByPlay February 25, 20175:40 pm

And that brings today’s play by play coverage of this insightful and inspiring event to a close.

Thanks for following along and learning with us, and if we can ever help you capture the best moments of your own events, do get in touch.

elliot February 25, 20175:38 pm

The whole Manchester Entrepreneurs team is on stage. Vojta is giving massive thanks to them all.

elliot February 25, 20175:34 pm

Now, a big thanks to all sponsors and partners.

elliot February 25, 20175:31 pm

elliot February 25, 20175:30 pm

Vojta is back on stage to close the conference

elliot February 25, 20175:25 pm

Tim rounds up his talk with a quick recap.

elliot February 25, 20175:23 pm

Tim drops an important piece of advice and a highly recommended read.

elliot February 25, 20175:19 pm

It does not matter where you sit in a business, it is all about selling.

elliot February 25, 20175:12 pm
elliot February 25, 20175:11 pm

“The reward is in the journey. There are plenty of ups and downs” says Tim.

elliot February 25, 20175:08 pm

Tim has five points to cover, but stresses that for all the advice he’ll give, everyone else’s milage (experience) may vary.

PlayByPlay February 25, 20175:08 pm

Entrepreneurs are born not made. They dont give up because nobody wants the idea, they give up because they get tired.

elliot February 25, 20175:03 pm

Our final speaker is Tim Langley, CEO of CANDDi

elliot February 25, 20175:01 pm

Non-digital winner: Her Closet

elliot February 25, 20175:00 pm

Digital winner: Virtual Home

elliot February 25, 20174:59 pm

The judges are back on stage with their final decision on winners of the pitching battle.

elliot February 25, 20174:58 pm

elliot February 25, 20174:57 pm

Do not worry about making it perfect. You can do so much without a lot of effort.

Haider from @rerooapp
PlayByPlay February 25, 20174:49 pm

As the judges deliberate, the winner of the WhatNext pitch competition 4 years ago is sharing his experiences since then. He’s gone on to launch 3 businesses and is sharing tips on things to do or avoid.

PlayByPlay February 25, 20174:45 pm
elliot February 25, 20174:44 pm

The non-digital pitchers are now being quizzed by the judges

elliot February 25, 20174:44 pm

Her Closet: Rent clothes

elliot February 25, 20174:42 pm

In It Together: Easy fundraising for small charities

elliot February 25, 20174:36 pm

Smart sell: eBay for second-hand phones

elliot February 25, 20174:35 pm

Next, the non-digital pitches!

elliot February 25, 20174:28 pm

The digital pitchers are receiving questions from the judges

elliot February 25, 20174:25 pm

Virtual Home: Flat and house viewings using VR

elliot February 25, 20174:24 pm

Hallswap: Allowing university students to switch halls seamlessly

elliot February 25, 20174:23 pm

Foodies: Revolutionising the review industry by promoting the food and not the restaurants

elliot February 25, 20174:21 pm

There are six teams pitching – three digital and three non-digital. First up, the digital pitches

elliot February 25, 20174:20 pm

Next up: the pitching competition! Heather Waters and Dale Sidebottom of Entrepreneurial Spark and Damien Kysely of Accelerate Me are judging.

PlayByPlay February 25, 20174:13 pm
elliot February 25, 20174:04 pm

elliot February 25, 20174:01 pm

Workshop 3: Michael Howe and Samantha Deakin Hill, Founding Partner at Campus Capital, are talking all things venture capitalists.

PlayByPlay February 25, 20173:52 pm

When everyone returns from the workshops, we’ll be hearing from Tim Langley who is the CEO at CANDDi. Here’s a few words from him:

elliot February 25, 20173:52 pm

Workshop 2: Louis Howell and Kayode Damai, Founders of Revolution Hive, are focusing on personal development at their workshop.

elliot February 25, 20173:37 pm

Workshop 1:Dale Sidebottom, Entrepreneur Development Manager at Entrepreneurial Spark, is delivering a crash course about pitching a business idea

PlayByPlay February 25, 20173:34 pm

Maria Stukoff who is the Head of Digital at BBC Academy shares some thoughts after her talk

elliot February 25, 20173:32 pm

The afternoon workshops are now underway!

PlayByPlay February 25, 20173:07 pm

Meet some of today’s workshop leaders:

PlayByPlay February 25, 20173:07 pm

Meet the ICT Manchester panelists:

elliot February 25, 20173:01 pm

Break time

elliot February 25, 20172:53 pm

Never be defined by one idea. You always have more to prove.

Maria Stukoff
elliot February 25, 20172:49 pm

Maria is rounding up her presentation with a recap of what not to do in business.

elliot February 25, 20172:46 pm

It’s important to kill your idea, but do it in such a way that something better comes of it, says Maria

elliot February 25, 20172:34 pm

Maria starts her talk telling us about her time at Sony’s Playstation First

elliot February 25, 20172:29 pm

That concludes a fantastic panel. Next up is Maria Stukoff, who is the Head of Digital at BBC Academy.

elliot February 25, 20172:27 pm

Life is short. You need to do what you love.

elliot February 25, 20172:20 pm

You need to balance taking advice on-board, and believing in yourself.

elliot February 25, 20172:17 pm

elliot February 25, 20172:05 pm

It makes sense to be in Manchester if you want to start your first business, says Henry Barclay.

PlayByPlay February 25, 20172:04 pm
PlayByPlay February 25, 20172:03 pm
PlayByPlay February 25, 20172:03 pm
elliot February 25, 20172:02 pm

Each panel member is telling the story of how they started their first business.

PlayByPlay February 25, 20172:02 pm
PlayByPlay February 25, 20171:53 pm

The panel is hosted by Damian Kysely (previous President of Manchester Entrepreneurs and now at Hack Partners) and is made up of Henry Barclay (In The City), Lisa Tse (Sweet Mandarin), Sam Coley (TickX)

elliot February 25, 20171:52 pm

PlayByPlay February 25, 20171:50 pm

We’re now into a panel about Manchester and it’s role in the tech world.

PlayByPlay February 25, 20171:48 pm

Bruce Walker shares a few thoughts after his talk

elliot February 25, 201712:53 pm


elliot February 25, 201712:48 pm

Bruce shows us a video from a water event he has played a hand in organising: Hydro Nations India Summit 2017

PlayByPlay February 25, 201712:46 pm
elliot February 25, 201712:38 pm

Putting purpose at the centre of what you do drives you. Combine purpose with profit.

elliot February 25, 201712:35 pm
PlayByPlay February 25, 201712:32 pm

A few thoughts from John after his talk:

elliot February 25, 201712:31 pm

At just 19, Bruce travelled from Scotland to Silicon Valley and, after emailing tech leaders, met with eBay, Google and Apple. Never underestimate the simple power of asking.

elliot February 25, 201712:26 pm

Bruce is telling attendees all about his introduction to organising and hosting events

elliot February 25, 201712:23 pm

Our last speaker before lunch is Bruce Walker, Founder of We are the Future

elliot February 25, 201712:15 pm

Most of the dating industry is full of s***t

PlayByPlay February 25, 201712:09 pm

Great to hear about how John started with an MVP of a website with a mailchimp form. He said that there’s 100 sign ups he’d give it a go, it got to 70ish but he didn’t like where he was professionally… so it was close enough.

elliot February 25, 201712:07 pm

John has finished his brief overview of M14 Industries and Bristlr and is now taking questions from the audience

PlayByPlay February 25, 201712:07 pm
PlayByPlay February 25, 201712:06 pm

If you run away from failure for long enough… you land up succeeding.

elliot February 25, 201712:04 pm

The @igniteaccel changed my life, and the whole business.

PlayByPlay February 25, 201712:04 pm
PlayByPlay February 25, 201712:04 pm
PlayByPlay February 25, 201712:01 pm

Im John the founder of @BristlrApp… yes, its a real company.

elliot February 25, 201711:59 am

We’re back! Now speaking is John Kershaw, CEO of M14 industries and Bristlr

elliot February 25, 201711:59 am

Plenty of networking taking place during the mid-morning break!

PlayByPlay February 25, 201711:38 am

Alessandro Palladini shared a few thoughts after his WhatNext17 talk.

PlayByPlay February 25, 201711:27 am

Quick Networking Break

PlayByPlay February 25, 201711:25 am
PlayByPlay February 25, 201711:21 am

Great and increasingly technical Q&A following Alessandro’s talk. Now discussing Agile vs Waterfall dev processes.

PlayByPlay February 25, 201711:20 am
elliot February 25, 201711:13 am

Bit of a book worm? Alessandro has some recommended reads

elliot February 25, 201711:11 am

Alessandro is now talking about why he believes the hierarchical organisations we’ve had for the last 50 years don’t work within creative teams.

elliot February 25, 201711:01 am

When you do not innovate – if you are too stubborn – you will lose your market share.

Alessandro Palladini

elliot February 25, 201710:55 am

Sometimes, we invent new problems when we invent new stuff.

Alessandro Palladini
elliot February 25, 201710:52 am

Nine out of ten startups fail. Why? Nearly half fail because there’s no market need. Know when the time is right, says Alessandro

PlayByPlay February 25, 201710:51 am

Amy Dickens shares a few thoughts on why events like WhatNext? are so important.

elliot February 25, 201710:46 am

When you break things, you learn a lot.

Alessandro Palladini
elliot February 25, 201710:45 am

Alessandro asks: What is innovation?

elliot February 25, 201710:43 am

Sometimes, it is just about having the right people around you to help you find success.

Alessandro Palladini
elliot February 25, 201710:40 am

elliot February 25, 201710:38 am

The third speaker is Alessandro Palladini who is the Innovation Team Lead at MUSIC group

PlayByPlay February 25, 201710:35 am

The great thing about errors, is that they return data. And that can help others.

Amy Dickens
elliot February 25, 201710:30 am

Error is a good thing. It is a good thing to fail.

Amy Dickens
PlayByPlay February 25, 201710:25 am

Caught up Naomi Timperley for a few seconds for thoughts on her second WhatNext talk in 2 years.

elliot February 25, 201710:24 am

elliot February 25, 201710:20 am

Amy is now talking about the Able Orchestra, a group of talented musicians she has worked with over the past two years. Check out one of their performances

elliot February 25, 201710:17 am

The only thing guaranteed in life is change.

Amy Dickens
elliot February 25, 201710:16 am

elliot February 25, 201710:11 am

Next up is Amy Dickens, Research Student at The Mixed Reality Laboratory

elliot February 25, 201710:07 am

Do not overcomplicate things when it comes to connecting with people.

elliot February 25, 201710:06 am

Naomi is talking about her TEDx Normal talk – check it out here

PlayByPlay February 25, 201710:03 am

The audience is really engaged and Noami is inviting a tonne of interactions with the attendees

elliot February 25, 20179:59 am

Getting a job is not just about having a great degree anymore

PlayByPlay February 25, 20179:56 am
elliot February 25, 20179:55 am

Your attitude speaks volumes

PlayByPlay February 25, 20179:51 am

Someone awesome once said, dont network, build relationships.

PlayByPlay February 25, 20179:49 am

PlayByPlay February 25, 20179:48 am

PlayByPlay February 25, 20179:46 am

Naomi shares a story of serendipity that involves her mentee Anastasia, watching Fifty Shades on VR at a conference, running across to jump into a panel with top CEOs and realising they’d crossed paths on a metrolink a few days earlier.

PlayByPlay February 25, 20179:42 am

Naomi kicks off by getting the audience to take a moment and introduce themselves to the person sitting to their right.

PlayByPlay February 25, 20179:40 am

First up to speak is Naomi Timperley who is the Co-founder at Tech North Advocates

PlayByPlay February 25, 20179:37 am

The host for today is Helena Habdija who is the Community and Portfolio manager at Dotforge

PlayByPlay February 25, 20179:35 am
PlayByPlay February 25, 20179:33 am

The opening talk now by Vojta Petrus who is the President at Manchester Entrepreneurs

PlayByPlay February 25, 20179:32 am

PlayByPlay February 25, 20179:15 am

Everyone’s diverging on Manchester’s Comedy Club as the excitement builds up.

PlayByPlay February 25, 20179:14 am

PlayByPlay February 25, 20178:55 am
elliot February 25, 20178:48 am

We’re just getting set up here at WhatNext Conference 2017! Looking forward to a great day